Vasan Nagar

Vasan Nagar is a project that started of with a great handicap. There was no straight road leading to Vasan Nagar.There were two bends enroute.Hence we had our own doubts regarding the marketing and success of the project. In order to neutralize the negativity in the minds of the prospective buyers, we employed a strategy whereby, we had two sign boards at the two bends on the road. The two sign boards carried messages in Tamil "இதுவே உங்கள் வாழ்வில் வெற்றிக்கு முதலாவது திருப்பு முனையாக​ இருக்கட்டும்""இதுவே உங்கள் வாழ்வில் வெற்றிக்கு இரண்டாவது திருப்பு முனையாக​ இருக்கட்டும்".respectively.

Launched in the Year 1999
Location Vayalur Road (Rettaivaikal)
2.5 kms from Bishop Heber College
5 kms from Thillai nagar (which is the heart of the city)
Total area About 200 acres (and going strong)
A family friend of ours, a Doctor from New York, who visited our site at that point of time, confessed that big business houses in the US, employ such subtle strategies and nuances, that ultimately pay them rich dividends. We were fortunate in our early days, to receive such words of great appreciation and encouragement from great achievers.

In the infancy stages Vasan Nagar was laid with only six acres and gradually went up to around 15 to 20 acres in about six months. Today Vasan Nagar has touched the magic figure of around 200 acres. In the initial stages, there was so much of passion and emotion that it became one the rarest business project which elicited a few songs to be written about it from the pen of its creator Ravi Murrugaiah. Play back singers were employed to sing the songs and the songs were recorded at a professional recording theatre at Chennai. Till date the songs are serving as tools of inspiration and motivation for Vasan Nagar's creator Ravi Murrugaiah. The main road in Vasan Nagar is 30ft broad and the other roads are 25ft broad. Since Vasan Nagar was the first project and our target was the middleclass, the road’s breadth was limited to so much. Vasan Nagar was the epitome of greenery and tranquility, though not anymore because of rapid construction activities. The initial investors in Vasan Nagar in the year 1999 have made up to 30 times profit within 15 years. Such is the boom there. To our credit, we must state, that Vasan Nagar is the only Nagar that is being maintained till date, even 15 years after its creation and marketing.

It must be also stated that Vasan Nagar is one of the fastest developing projects in Trichy. Today there is a town bus coming right in to Vasan Nagar till the end. It has a ration shop and library. It has a very effective association for the past 15 years. Vasan Estates has seen to it that no unwarranted thorn bushes have grown in Vasan Nagar, for the past 15 years. By any standards this is an astonishing feat. There is abundant ground water at Vasan Nagar and also is very easy to commute by means of buses, which are very frequent. It could well be termed the upper middle class man’s Srirangam because of four good comparisons. Both are temple destinations with Vayulur Murugan temple being the attraction about 4kms from Vasan Nagar.Both Vasan Nagar and Srirangam have abundant water resources. Both areas are about 5 to 6 kms from the heart of Trichy.Last but not the least both Vasan Nagar and Srirangam are areas which are scenic with greenery and thereby sitting on the lap of nature.

Vasan City

There could not be a better example for the term "baptism by fire", than Vasan City. It was one project which consumed the most energy, time and had more impediments and hurdles than any other project of Vasan Estates. The tender love affair between Man & Earth which was more prominent at Vasan Nagar was pushed to the background in Vasan City. Our flights of imagination where forced to land and we had to sit down to the mundane routine of hard core business. But as they say in Tamil "தடைகற்களை படிக்கற்களாக மாற்றவேண்டும்" which means that we should convert the stumbling blocks in to stepping stones, which would lead us to the heights of glory. The diaspora of land lords whom we had to face, prompted a paradigm shift in our outlook towards business. They say, In adversity “some people breakdown, where as some others break records”.

Launched in the Year 2000
Location Vayalur Road (Somarasampettai)
3 kms from Bishop Heber College
5.5 kms from Thillai Nagar
(which is the heart of the city)
Total area About 200 acres (and going strong)

It is exactly what happened to us. It should be confessed that Vasan City was a character building exercise than a business opportunity. We used this opportunity to the hilt for our future endeavors. Vasan City is about 200 acres of land and all the plots have been sold. It has two straight main roads and it is located in the Somarasampettai Village. Here most of the roads are 30feet broad and like Vasan Nagar, Vasan City to is also a grid iron layout. This means all straight and intersecting roads are at 90°. In short they are of the Newyork Model. All roads are well laid with only well sand, which is a rare commodity. Well sand has the ability to withstand rain water as it is taken from the huge wells.

Vasan City later flowered into a wonderful layout with two straight main roads going into the layout. Vasan Estates successfully passed the test of character and resistance after completion of the Vasan City layout.

Vasan Valley

Vasan Valley is the blue eyed project of Vasan Estates. Yes, Vasan Valley catapulted Vasan Estates to a different league, turning it into a shining star in the firmament of real estate. Vasan City and Vasan Valley progressed almost together. Vasan Valley was launched in the year 2003. Only after its advent did the stakes.

Launched in the Year 2003
Location Vayalur Road (Rettaivaikal)
2.5 kms from Bishop Heber College
5 kms from Thillai Nagar
(which is the heart of the city)
Total area About 300 acres (and going strong)
Vasan Estates sky rocket. Vasan Valley today has an expanse of about 300 acres .Its sheer, shape, size and green top with well laid roads is a connoisseur’s delight. The least one could say about Vasan Valley is that it is a sight to behold. It is the most sought after product of Vasan Estates. It has 28 road crosses, which is the highest of all our projects. As far as transportation and ground water the same applies to all our projects at Vayalur road. There are three entrances to Vasan Valley. At the moment of writing the script there are about 500 houses built by the proud plot owner’s. There is one forty feet main road and all other roads are 30 feet wide. Well sand has been used generously for all the roads.Maintance of our layouts is a standout. Vasan Valley especially has been maintained till date. All the bushes and thorns are regularly removed using labour and machines. Generosity is a key in our policy. Since passion reigns supreme in Vasan Estates there is no compromise anywhere.

During the purchasing period, buying of land at Vasan Valley was the most difficult. There was huge competition. The fact that we were successful was nothing short of providential intervention. We also used the novel concept of land exchange for the land lords. It worked wonders for us. The greatest achievement, if any for Vasan Estates is the systematic purchase of land in a single location for a long span. In English they say “familiarity breeds contempt”. Our hallmark has been, staying put in the same area for a very long period of about fifteen years. In spite of our long innings we saw to it that familiarity didn’t breed contempt. Of all our projects Vasan Valley has for sure entered the annals of Trichy’s real estate history.

Vasan's Village

After almost 12 years of unparalleled concentration and monopoly of the Valayur Road Vasan Nagar, Vasan Valley Zone we felt the need to move into another area where we could serve another part of Trichy.Infact right from the year 2002, we have been searching for a suitable location on the Trichy - Chennai National Highway as our forecast was that this would be the future developing corridor of Trichy. Today with the entry of giants like MRF Tyres, on the Trichy, Perambulur corridor, along with innumerable Medical and Engineering Colleges and schools, our forecast stands vindicated.

Vasan’s Village layout is located on the Trichy – Chennai National Highway, about 3kms before the renowned Samayapuram temple and about 4 kms further down from the internationally renowned Srirangam temple. The layout is about half a kilometer away from the National Highway.

Launched in the Year 2009
Location National Highway Palur
3 kms before Samayapuram
Trichy – Chennai NH 45
Total area About 200 acres (and going strong)
It is well connected by two main roads one a 40” feet road and another a 30” feet road. Both the entry roads have been converted into tar roads by our company. We always maintain our enroute roads . The entire layout is about 200 acres. All the main and side roads are 40” feet broad and the other interconnecting roads are 30 feet broad. The main 40 feet is one km long road which has been double metalled and tar topped and 4 more roads 40 feet roads are tar topped.

As a regular feature of our projects, the ground water level at Vasan’s Village is good. Transportation is very good especially with the Samayapuram temple about 3 kms away from our layout, there is great frequency of town buses. There are also the moffusil. buses plying. The layout being very close to the Samayapuram Tollgate bus stand is another great advantage. Moffusil buses to Salem, Chennai and other important locations cross through the Tollgate bus stand which is only 1.5 kms from our layout.

Vasan’s Village consists of about 1200 plots and out of which 1000 have been sold during the time of writing the script. As far as our forecast goes we see a very very great future for the Vasan’s Village layout not only because of its location on National Highway, but because of its enviable size and shape. Everything about the layout augurs well for the future.